bio isabel fernandez lanza
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Isalda is a Spanish brand based in Madrid founded in 2016 by Isabel Fernández Lanza. She is graduate from the European Design School with a specialisation in leather goods from Loewe Foundation. She has a large amount of national and international experience. Her main inspiration is contemporary art in all its forms: “all creative processes which have as their main objectives experimentation, questioning of the rules and adding new aesthetic vision”.

However, the main motivation of this entrepeneur is the deep conviction that we can make things from another perspective. Mastering our precious time, respecting our enviroment, recovering our arts and crafts know-how, simplifying the process and adapting the work to our lifestyle and not in reverse order.

Her creative method is mainly rational, splitting in a logical way volumes and simplifing the structures in order to find the essence of each object. Her desire is to get a connection with the person who will wear one of her creations.